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Your Passivhaus are certified passive house consultants and off-site construction specialists delivering sustainable homes throughout Australia.

About Your PassivHaus, certified passive house consultants, Canberra, Australia

Certified Passive House Consultants

Based in Canberra, Australia, Your Passivhaus combine European construction capabilities with smart energy-efficient design to create healthy, ultra-comfortable homes that are built for the future.

Whether you’re located in one of our major cities or a remote, regional location, we offer off-site construction packages for both residential and commercial building projects.

Certified to international Passivhaus standards, our off-site construction services are streamlined and carefully managed to save you time and money, and to minimise lifestyle disruption. Learn more about Passivhaus building standards.

Your Passivhaus Director, Douglas Lumsden

Director, Douglas Lumsden is a certified passive house consultant with a commitment to building better Australian homes for a sustainable future. Your Passivhaus is an innovative consultancy which reflects Lumsden’s vision for delivering smarter, greener alternatives in the Australian building industry.

Team building

Lumsden’s success lies in building highly effective teams, bringing together design and construction professionals with the right expertise to guarantee an exceptional outcome for your project. An experienced project manager over many years, Lumsden holds both trade qualifications and a degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations.

Industry expertise

As a qualified 1st Class Sheetmetal worker, Douglas Lumsden spent his early years working in industry across heavy fabrication and air-conditioning, developing practical building know-how and innovative problem solving. Lumsden’s technical skills and knowledge of materials and elegant design solutions see him holding several Australian patents.

Lumsden understands the importance of well-designed spaces and combines Passivhaus design principles and streamlined off-site construction to deliver quality homes, where and when you need them.

Your PassivHaus Director, Douglas Lumsden, certified passive house consultant, Canberra, Australia

Experienced project manager

Certified Passivhaus consultant

Off-site construction specialist

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